• Tamieka Goode

"Boost" Your Credit Score- Experian

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

I'm sure we all have seen the commercials from Experian stating that you can "Boost" your credit score. We all would like to see a boost in our credit score and for free no less, right?? Well here's how the program works. People with little or no credit history can have a hard time getting credit. The Credit Bureau Experian wants to address that issue with its Experian Boost free program/product.  Experian "Boost" lets consumers opt to include their cell phone and utility payments into the calculation of their credit score using data from Experian. Cell phone and utility payments are'nt usually reported by credit bureaus, but customer who opt in this program will have these accounts reporting to the credit bureaus, h showing positive financial behavior. Boost also may help people who are rebuilding their credit after financial setbacks. For more information visit:

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